Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I have an idea for a book that I want to write (if it hasn't already been written).
The name of the book would be "Pulse". "Pulse" would support the theory that every great company has a constant pulse, or a strong heartbeat, that can be sensed by all of have any interaction with the organization. A pulse can be traced through several different ways:

1. The brand. A Pulse Company has a logo and business card that refuses to join most in the graveyard of the irrelevant but instead sparks one's interest to find out more about their company (I promise this isn't an incestuous plug for Matchstic's services ). A PC (Pulse Company) has a website that has new content and consistently keeps the consumer engaged. So often I go to a company's site that hasn't changed in look or content for 4 years and it looks like everyone else's . From moment one, I'm bored by them. They seem dead, life-less, without a pulse.
2. Client Relations. PC clients know they are important. The good or service that is offered feels bigger than them. Its an experience they will be quick to tell others about.
3. Employees. What does a client feel when walking into your office? A PC has inspired and trusted employees who love to talk about what they do. PC employees love their job, they have incentive to serve clients. The office environment has a vibe and life that can be sensed from the moment they walk in. Its infectious. A non-PC business breads the living dead. Their offices are quiet, stoic and boring. Their employees are bored and uninspired, the job is simply a paycheck.
4. Industry Presence. When consumers talk about your industry PC's are the first on their lips. It may be subconscious but it is no accident that they know about you. PC's are belligerent about being known, and know how to get in front of their target market. Non PC's think that people should happen upon them. They think the leaders in the industry are simply lucky.
5. More to come I'm sure as I begin to dissect this idea.

A Pulse is completely viral. There is contagious energy running throughout every aspect of the business, from their marketing to their interns. I'm convinced that the reason that 80% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years and another 80% fail other the next 5 years (stat from E Myth, a must for any small business owner) is they slowly loose their heartbeat. At the start they are full of life and fervor but the monotony of the daily grind slowly beats them to death. They don't have time to dream, push ideas forward, and think up new ways to capture, engage, and entice clients. They are busy and tired of doing everything.

There are many companies which have challenged me to have a constant Pulse throughout my business. It has become one of my highest goals for A Bryan Photo. I hope to post several examples of organizations that inspire me. I know this post seems like alot of generalizations but I wanted to get this idea down and I can share examples later.

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